Standzall Display Systems manufactures a complete line of products:

Standard - ST-1 and ST-2 handles flats, senery, lattice up to 50 lbs

HeavyStandz - handles heavier objects, provides more stability

QuickStandz - mounting bracket attaches to the display item and slides over an L bracket or a stake

UtilityStandz - steel bases with square or round tubes that hold poles, lumber, signs, etc.

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Standard Products.


Model ST-1

Weight: 11.5 lbs

3" x 20" baseplate, 3/8" thick

One adjustable 8" L-bracket and one fixed 8" upright

Holds items up to 2" thick

Eight 1/4" Screw Holes to attach the item being held

Two 3/8" holes in baseplate - ground stake or screw to floor/stage

Model ST-2

Features/dimensions similar to ST-1

Weight: 12 lbs

2 adjustable 8" L-brackets

Holds items up to 4" Thick

Heavy Standz

Model ST-3

20 pounds for stability

4"x22" x 3/8" baseplate

Two adjustable 11.5" L-brackets

5-inch opening

Six countersunk 1/4" screw holes

Model ST-4

30 pound weight for maximum stability

12" x 22" x 1/4" thick base plate

Two adjustable L-brackets, 11.5"H X 4"W

6-inch opening

Six countersunk 1/4" screw holes

Quick Standz

Models STQ-1 / STQ-4

15-pound 12" x 12" square base

3/8" threaded stud

One 3" L-Bracket

Accepts the STQ-1 Quick-Stand Sleeve

Can be stabilized with a sand bag

 Model STQ-5

12" x 22" 1/4" thick base plate

Single 11.5" 4" L-bracket,

Six countersunk 1/4" screw holes for attachment to the display item

Includes handle slot in the base

Accepts STQ-2 Heavy Duty Quick Stand Sleeve (not shown)

Models STQ-1 / STQ-3

STQ-1 Quick Stand Sleeve and STQ-3 Quick Stand Stake

make temporary outdoor signs and displays a breeze

Mount the Sleeve to the back of your display

Drive the 24" stake

Drop the display over the flange on the stake

Or screw stake flange directly to the display

Utility Standz

Models STKIT, STK-1-4


STKIT includes a 12" x 12" base and four tubes (also available separately) which accept:


2"x 2" lumber (STK-1)


1"x2" lumber (STK-2)


1-1/4" tent poles (STK-3)


3/4" conduit (STK-4)


The 15-pound base is also available separately (STK)

Model STL

5-pound 8" x 8" square base

Clamps smaller theatrical lighting

Shown with tube STK-4, available separately